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Mr.Nazir Sabir (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) (1st pakistani who Climbed Mount Everest) Awarding Signe of ACP to Mr. Hayatullah Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) Founder CAAB (1st Pakistani eminent Cave Explorer)


  •     OF PAKISTAN 

 Heighest Mountains Peek in Balochistan Quetta.

1- Zarghoon Mount. Heighest peek Loai Saar Naikan, 11738. ft

                                            Second Peek, Kuchnai Saar, 11170. ft

2-  Sulaiman Mount.  Heighest Peek (Takht-e-Sulaiman)   11437. ft

3-  Thakathu Mount. Heighest Peek Loai Saar, 11390. ft

4-  Toba Kakari Mount. Heighest Peek, Toba Kakar Range, 11036.ft

5-  Chiltan Mount.       Heighest Peek Lwarrh Saar, 10480. ft

6- Murdaar Mount.    Heighest Peek, Salore Ghasha, 10446. ft

7- Khwaja Imran Baba. Heighest Peek, 8000. ft


Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance)

Mr.Hayatullah Durrani(Founder CAAB,PCRA) Trying to save walo But Walo is on his own???
2- Hayat Durrani is reciving Pak National Flag from Governor Balochistan Malik Rahim is standing near.
3- Malik Rahim & Hayat receving Medals.
4 & 5- Hayat giving training in Snow Camp.
6- Habibullah Jan Muhammad & other during "PERIL" rock climbing at Takatoo Mountains.
7- Hayat in Kach Cave.
8- Hayat during Rock Climbing.
9- Habib during Rock Climbing in UK.
History ;
Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan (Pak).


Chiltan Adventure Association Balochistan (Pakistan) formed on 14th August 1948 and officially established on 6th Sep `1984, is the only largest organization working in Balochistan to develop Camping /Hi-king/Rock-Climbing Mountaineering sports and related Social Activities to promote Research on protection of Juniper Forests & Caves as well as the only one organization in Pakistan for Cave Exploration (Speleology)jointly working with Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation providing facilities to the youth (male/female) as Research,Education and tourism.

Chiltan Adventurers remarkable hazardous experienced; unexpected exciting occurrence be falling anyone. Seeking adventure on water in water on land in land on peaks on surfaces Encountering risks during hazardous enterprises the Chiltanies have love and spirit of adventure, the interest to be what may be just round the next corner,. When we find that out, then there is sure to be something still more exiting round the next corner, our true adventure goes fourth aimless and un-calculating to meet and greet unknown fate. Our adventurers are full of courage to face any kind of physical danger; it is our spirit of adventure that drove us to explore (more then 130) caves jointly with the Explorers of Orpheus Caving Club (UK) the most exciting and dangerous ones from the longest to the deepest cave. The longest walk of Pakistan, In 1997 the world youngest mountaineer and Cave explorer Mohammad Abubakar Durrani (age five and half  year) in company of CAAB & PTV officials conquered the highest peak in Balochistan (zrghoon Mountains(Looi Nai kaan). and other youngest Mountaineer Maherdil Khan Babai made a history in the ledership of Hayatullah Khan Durrani when he successfuly reched in five days to the Base of Mount K-2 (31st July 2004) as first 12 year boy.

Rescue Squad:-

Under the auspicious of Hayat Durrani Water Sporets Academy (HDWSA) Hanna Lake ,we have water rescue boats fully equipped, with experienced adventurers which can help in any natural disaster in the region and even out side the region. Our motive to wage an unceasing war with fire and water, heat and Cold Ocean and desert, drought, drug and flood, our aim is to master the sea, tame the lightning, conquer the air, drain the floods and make the dessert blossom as the rose. Nothing great can be achieved without effort, struggle and sacrifice (that is no pain no gain). The supreme good the noblest object of desire, the highest thing in the life? We think that love is greater than eloquence, knowledge, faith, charity, and heroism, happiness health, wealth, success, power, and fame, making will partake of the divine nature: (For God is Love). In any natural crises our organization has disinterested motive (free from self interest) our boys plunge into rushing torrent at the risk of our life to save some one from drowning or fallen in a well or stuck in a mines or Mountains, as search and rescue squad we have proved when we rendered our services in the Ballakott and Shinkiyari districts of northern areas of 8th october Eart Quake effectees of Pakistan. we have a noble act of self sacrifices for the good of others which are beyond the ken of the egoist. When there is a aim our determination attain us to carry forward what ever obstacle may stand in our path our devoted boys have a high ideal of goodness and will not be satisfied till they attain it and our aim is noble and good.

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering:-

In short wards CAAB initiated the idea of rock climbing disciplined mountaineering, tracking, camping, hi-king, Wild Canoeing, very first time in Balochistan as well as cave exploration (Speleology) first time in Pakistan (as Founder).CAAB is the only organization working voluntarily to explore caves in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, which is very rich in this field. In Pakistan CAAB is founder of cave exploration sports & tradition of hoisting (Waving) Pakistan National flag on Mountains top and due to this regular reputation since 1946 the explorers of CAAB one known as Pakistani National flag bearer Squad around the world.

Host of International Expeditions:-

CAAB is the host of Pak-UK  joint mountaineering and Caving expedion 1990, 2006 and  Pak-Iran joint Mountaineering Expedition 1992. CAAB has find more then 130 cave in Pakistan, and then explored jointly with the coordination of British cave explorers under the leadership of Simon James Broke and Hayatullah Khan Durrani, most of these caves were explored in Balochistan, Including the longest Cave, largest chamber Cave, Natural decorated Cave, and deep descending shaft and beautiful caves of Pakistan.

As Juniper Defenders:-

The Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan is an environment analyst of the preservation of the 3000 years old word heritage of Juniper forests and wildlife in Ziarat and Kho-e-Zarghoon region of Balochistan Pakistan. He established Juniper Defenders center at Chautair Valley Ziarat, to educate people and create awareness, especially among young people for the protection of this important ecosystem and to take remedial measures to stop the destruction of this valuable world heritage and the endangered species within.
Hayatullah Khan Durrani is first Pakistani who lead successfully Pakistan's longest walk of 110, Km walk from Quetta to Ziarat as juniper defender and (12 Km) walk from chotair valley to Ziarat Residency, till date. He organized many expedition to the Zarghoon Mountain as juniper defenders.
He has been raising voice for environment protection in Quetta region and across the country since long and has also established tree plantation project at HDWSA Hanna Lake to protect the environment.

CAAB Affiliated With:-

Chiltan Adventurers Association is affiliated on international level with Union International Speleology (UIS) and the representative of British Cave Research Association (BCRA) (BCA) Orpheus C.C (UK.) at National level with Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation (PCRCF) , Adventures Foundation Pakistan (isb) & Alpine Club of Pakistan (Isb) on provincial level affiliated with the BOA and recognized with BSCB and registered with the SWD, Govt. of Balochistan, (DSW202) according to its own constitution as non-profit earning organization as defined in section 51-D (1) of the income Tax ordinance, 1979.



 Please send your Gifts to the Chiltan Adventures Association's

Account No. 600893,9 National Bank Of Pakistan (Quetta City 0051) Jinnah Road Quetta (Pak)